Back from my mini retirement..

I wrote about “taking Sagmeister” in my earlier post last year. This is based on a book I read about two years back. In this book, Drive, author Daniel Pink talks about “taking Sagmeister”, inspired by designer Stefan Sagmeister. Essentially, it is about taking mini and micro retirements NOW rather than deferring the big retirement. 

This year, I took about two weeks off from routine life, and was on European vacation. We went on to Portugal-Spain tour, and it was amazing! I highly recommend visit to these two beautiful countries, filled with lots of history, architecture, and natural beauty.

Tree hugger in #Barcelona

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Now, snapping out of the vacation and back to work! Rather, start working towards the next mini-retirement!

Remember, we work for living, and not living for work. You got to have fun, so sprinkle the mini vacations in your year. Have fun!

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