Improve your Scrum Ceremonies…

Does your team have a common understanding of various Scrum Events? Are you looking for simple tools and techniques to help Improve your Scrum Ceremonies? Make them fun and Productive?

The Event Canvas

Look no further! Introducing Event Canvas!

Improve your scrum Ceromonies

Events canvas

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As an Enterprise Transformation Coach, I do a lot of training. And, being an Agilist at heart, I am always looking for ways to improve the delivery of my training and the experience for the participants. I came up with this canvas to help me teach the basics of each of the events and ceremonies while keeping the participants engaged and interested.

How to use this Canvas…

I give out multiple copies of this canvas at each table during the training. Each table (team) also picks two to three events that they volunteer to discuss at the table and fill out this canvas. When the timebox is over, each team will debrief on the event they discuss; essentially walking the class through the canvas for the specific event.

As the debrief happens, you are using your facilitation skills to drive the conversation and explain the intricacies of the specific event. This is where you (as trainer, coach, and facilitator) make the magic happen 🙂

Try it with your team. I promise you, you won’t regret it!

More tools, please…

Want more tools to make your scrum events highly productive? I have a collection of simple tools that can help you as you coach and mentor your team. Your team will thank you for finding these gems. Check out Improve your Scrum as a first step towards uncovering these hidden gems.

Improve Your Scrum Ceremonies

Improve Your Scrum Ceremonies


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