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Writing this blog post from Coaches Clinic (CC) in Dublin, Ireland.

Nimesh Soni at Coaches Clinic SGDub17

Nimesh Soni at Coaches Clinic SGDub17

I am volunteering at the Coaches Clinic as part of attending Scrum Gathering #SGDub17. For me, it is very satisfying to give back to the community, and we served many ‘clients’ at the gathering.

Who is it for?

Coaches Clinic (CC) is designed to provide you, the client, valuable guidance, for free. It is available to anyone and everyone; for any one who is looking for some guidance, some help as s/he is going through the agile journey. May be it is a challenge that you are running into, may be it is something new that you want to experiment, may be it is something that you want explore, may be it is some frustration that you want to vent, .. whatever it is, bring it to CC. We, the coaches, are here to help!

WIIFM – What is in it for me?

I had several coaching sessions during the three day Scrum gathering recently, serving up clients from different countries and different background. I remember, one of my client almost cried at the end of the session; a Happy cry 🙂 She was so happy to hear the feedback, confirmation, and motivation she was getting from the session.

Another person, from completely different background and experience, started the coaching session listing his feelings, negative feelings about what he was describing (from his organization). And, within few minutes of the coaching session, he happily mentioned those feelings being replaced by positive ones, him feeling motivated and looking forward to getting back to the organization to continue to push the change.

I share these stories to highlight the fact that the Coaches Clinic is all about YOU.

It is all about one-on-one conversation, between the Coach and the Client.

For me, as a coach, it is very satisfying to see a client leave the session feeling positive. It feels great to see the negative energy replaced with positive energy and enthusiasm.

For the client, it gives an opportunity, to have one-on-one conversation with a world-class coach, an experienced and expert individual who have ‘been there, done it’.

During the CC session, the coach promises to give you complete, undivided attention, to hear your problem, challenge and give you contextual, pragmatic and practical advise that you can implement as soon as you get back to your organization.

And, it is completely FREE! You might even get free T-shirt at the end of the session 🙂

Why miss the FREE coaching?

You definitely should not miss this opportunity to tap into all these knowledge and expertise. You have easy access to several world-class coaches, eager and ready to jump in at a moments notice, to help you, guide you, and mentor you. 

There is no time limit to a session as well! We (the coaches) want to ensure that you, the client, get the most value from the session. Our goal is that the negative feelings (frustration, anger, confusion, anxiety) are replaced with happy feelings (knowledge, solution). Know that you have a partner, a mentor, and a coach in us. Bring your problems, struggles, challenges and we are here to help! 

Make sure to attend next Scrum Gathering and make it a point to stop by at the Coaches Clinic. Hope to see you at the next CC!

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