Unlock your true potential!

Do you ever feel that there is no one to hand hold you while you learn Agile adoption? Does it feel like you are on a bike, but have no control over it? Are you trying to ride a bike in the real world, out in the open space, from the little experience you gained from riding a stationary bike (a class room simulation)?

We all know that riding a stationary bike is whole lot different than riding a bike out in the field, in real world. While knowing the mechanics of how to ride a bike, and trying them out on a stationary bike, or a smaller bike in garage can help you, it is nowhere near the reality.

Or, maybe you are someone who has done this for a while, but now looking to take it to next level?

Try to implement agile in real world without any mentor? That’s crazy!

Wind beneath your Wings!

You need someone who is there to run with you as you are learning to ride a bike. A mentor who will help you master the trade. You need a mentor who is there to:

  • Stabilize your bike if it start wobbling
  • Get you on track if it starts going off track/off the road
  • Guide you and keep you on track
  • Put breaks when you know you are on wrong path, on a downward slope but can’t stop the fall yourself
  • Sooth you when you get hurt (and let me tell you, you will have bruises trying to implement agile in real world, I can guarantee you that). We can help you minimize the pain together.
  • Give you tips, techniques, templates, and tools
  • Help you build some of those intangible assets that are so crucial to becoming successful at agile implementation.
  • You get to work with real Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), someone who is actively involved in Enterprise Transformation, is working with Scrum Masters just like you on a daily basis.

What’s include in this mentorME program?

  • Access to all templates, checklists, worksheets, companion cards, illustrations.
  • FREE video tutorial each month
  • FREE webinar, a town hall style discussion each other month
  • FREE copies of eBooks
  • Unlimited email support; with guaranteed response within 24 hours
  • One hour call with the Coach: Master Mind call to discuss specific topic. You can even submit your suggestions for topics. 
  • Free for Life, access to online courses.
  • Access to certified scrum coach/CEC
  • Membership to private Slack team channel/WhatsApp group that gives you direct access to the coach. You can pose questions for immediate response from the community and coach

Don’t see anything you want? Let us know and we will create it for you. And, we will even give you credit for suggesting the topic.

What can you expect as an end result of joining this tribe?

  • You will become more intelligent, with hyper productivity, getting more done with less effort!
  • You will have the tools and techniques in your armor to navigate through the real world challenges as you work to implement Agile.
  • Know that you have an experienced and knowledgeable coach to rely on, to tap on for additional support and knowledge. We will be the Winds beneath your wings!
  • Spread the wings and fly higher! Achieve more, in short time! Take your career to next level!
  • Create more value for your clients, customers
  • You customers, clients will be impressed with your knowledge and insights 🙂
  • Some certifications could also be the by-products, a natural outcome of these sessions.
Take it further, be on offensive, and grow into your role and take your career to next level.
Smart Person learns from his/her mistakes. Wise Person learns from others’ mistakes.

Be Wise! Sign up NOW! Contact us now! and let us get you started on unlocking your true potential!