Time to recharge

In the book, Drive, author Daniel Pink talks about “taking Sagmeister”, inspired by designer Stefan Sagmeister. He goes on to explain Sagmeister taking an entire year off every seven years, essentially sprinkling retirement years within the working years.

Well! I could not take a Sagmeister and go off on vacation for 365-days. Instead, I decided to take two weeks off to recharge and reinvigorate. I am off to Europe with my Family & Friends.

See you all soon!

Speed to Market

Are you struggling to get to market quickly? Want to get to your customers, your market at ‘Flash’ speed? Start with two questions:

  • Do you know your Customers?
  • Do you know the minimum viable product (MVP) – the minimal functionality that you need to build and get to your customer?
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Pencil drawing of ‘Flash’ above by awesome A


Bridge between Value backlog (Stake Holders) and Work backlog (Scrum Teams)

Being an Agilist, I strongly believe in continuous improvement. We all can be better at what we are doing. We can use the ‘state’ where we are as a baseline, and find ways to improve and become better at what we do. This is a series of Photo/Blog posts that will touch on the topic of ‘Improving ourselves’, on Productivity Hacks, the tips, tools, and/or techniques that can put us on a lane of ‘hyper Productivity‘. My goal is not to radically change things overnight, or I am not looking for a big bang change, but rather I am looking for the incremental improvements.

This is first tip comes from a book titled The Rich Employee by James Altucher. 

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After all, (agile) transformation is a journey, and one or two changes alone can not make it happen. My goal here is to provide you those catalysts that will cause a chain of (positive) change. These catalyst will help you change the mind set to the one that is continuously looking for value, opportunities for improving and eliminating (or at a minimum, minimizing) waste.

So, buckle up, and get ready to get on hyper productivity land! Let’s #getHyper!