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Take notes, while still being part of the conversation

We talked about the WHYs of Post It notes in the earlier post. I have used this simple tool many different ways in my quest to transform organizations to deliver value.

I have used Post It notes as my ‘Swiss Knife’, bending it in many different ways to meet my needs as an Enterprise Transformation Coach. For me, Agile is not about complaining (as to what you don’t have) but making the most of what you have been given. It is all about being resourceful!

Let me introduce you to several ways I have used this simple tool in my quest to transform organizations to deliver value. I guarantee that you will have new insights and new found respect for this tool:

Here is the first and THE most important role Post-It plays in my world.

Taking notes: 

I almost always walk around with Sharpie pen and a pad of PostIt notes. When I am having discussions or conversations, I am taking notes, capturing important points and action items. PostIt allows me to take the notes while still being part of the conversation. This is comforting and ensuring at the same time for my client.

It is calming to see you write on your PostIts. For me, it is a confirmation that you are listening, and there will be a follow through (on action items identified) -AP

I have, in fact, developed my own ‘short hand’ language that allows me to capture the essence of the discussion, quickly without any distraction [more on it in a separate blog post]

Did you think of using it in this fashion? If you have, what has been the response from your colleagues? Share your experience in the comments section below.


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