Doodling and Visual note taking on ever extending canvas

We talked about Post It notes as my Swiss Knife tool, and I introduced you to the first and THE most important use; that being the Note taking tool.

Today, I want to talk about using it as a Canvas. I have two passions in my life: the Agile Transformation and the Art. The artist within me likes to doodle, and I often come up with some quick illustrations to provide visuals on a topic that I am going to be discussing or presenting. As they say, Picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some of my Agile Doodles.

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And, if you are into visual note taking, PostIt notes can also morph into an ever extending canvas. Here is an example.


Visual Note taking with (ever extending) Post It canvas


This was done by a student in one of a workshop on ‘Jump start your Agile teams’, capturing notes about what is Agile and Scrum, all using Post It notes and Visual note taking.

All right, let’s summarize: We discussed three uses of the Post-It notes so far:

  • Taking notes during discussion and conversations; while still actively participating in them
  • Canvas for doodling
  • Ever extending canvas for Visual Notetaking

Go ahead, start doodling! And, share your many ways you use Post Its in the comments section below.

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